About Us

TDinteriors Limited is a family run business which has been trading successfully since 1980.  Since the commencement of the company we are proud to have seen a growth in business year on year and in 2003 we became a limited company, introducing directors and new divisions to the company. 

We believe that we are successful because of five important aspects to our company:
  1. Understanding our customers.  The answer to our good client relationships is simply getting to know them.  Before taking on any business, we ask out clients what they expect to get out of our service. We listen to their expectations and explain how we may be able to respond to them, by asking simple questions such as "How do you want this done?"  We also keep a record of our client's needs and expectations of us. If they have used decorators in the past we try to find out why they stopped using them, what their experiences were and learn from what they have to say in terms of what they want and don't want. As we work with a client more closely we like to have an interest in their work, sometimes there is other work that they are involved in that we can either lend our expertise to or quote for further aspects in specialist decorating.
  2. Dependability.  If we agree to complete a project by a certain date, then we are fully prepared to meet that deadline even if it means sacrificing personal activities or money. Thoroughness is part of being dependable; our clients know that they can count on us to notice unforeseen problems or mistakes by other sub contractors.
  3. Quality and quantity.  Our operatives, either directly employed or subcontractors, are checked and trained if required before working on any projects. We only allow our operatives to work on projects that we know they can complete successfully. We only accept projects that we know we can complete to the standards set out for us. If we feel that a project might not be possible, we say so and may request more time or suggest another alternative. We would rather do this before the project starts than to overrun on the date set out.  We feel that if our clients are willing to take a gamble on us, then we make sure that we are on the same wavelength in terms of expectations as to what can be accomplished. It is better to under promise and over deliver.
  4. Protecting our clients and operatives. We make sure that your business is protected by having adequate insurance and health and safety in place.  When we take over a building it is our responsibility and we do not settle for a good site we need it to be perfect.
  5. Keeping our business between us and our client. We like to consider all work confidential. This means that we do not discuss our client's business with anyone. If we have to provide references for other work then we seek their permission first. If they refuse, we honor their decision.